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    1. Chief RedButt

      I want someone to make a fake Jev SafeMoon endorsement from his sound clips.

    2. xXClutchXx

      The only faze member worth watching anymore

    3. Noel Araiza

      ily jevy

    4. KungFu Kenny

      I’m binge watching this

    5. piedpiper

      Yo Jev I land in downtown very often, same spot that guy did; the roof of the rectangle buildings at the northern tip. Basically very few people rotate INTO downtown from the north in the early parts of the game so you most just worry about people who landed in. So we'll clear all the buildings of loot/enemies as we move south, kill anyone we find, usually by the time we get to SK we have enough for loadout. Then we just do bounties in downtown until we have to move. We use ziplines and parachuting to be very mobile and get crazy angles.

    6. Abyssmal

      4:33 As the Karens would say.... Mans do be on that covid vaccine connection

    7. Æ Špørtś

      My entire gaming career in one word is choke

    8. master5string1

      Literally land downtown for the snipes especially creeping on the quad plaza roof like a gremlin near bank overlooking channel and port nobody ever expect it especially if you can keep an eye on ladders

    9. joey 5555555

      Jev talking about UFC makes me want to watch it

    10. tigeronces

      Jev are you just into ufc or have you practiced any martial art by yourself ? Anyway keep it up dude you brighten up my days.

    11. SuperDuprTech

      Safemoon haha, if you know…

    12. Joshüa 115

      My name is jev

    13. Neurotic GoDz

      I just noticed how killing it jev is this year with views and the videos, I see myself watching them all just cause top tier entertainment

    14. Joseph G

      This series reminds me a lot of bronze league heroes from back in the day

    15. Tony Sanchez

      What operator are you using Jev

    16. Samain

      Low recoil MP5: sleight of hand, hybrid thermo scope, the merc foregrip/other ADS attachments with sprint to fire speed/recoil control. And go, go, Gadget legs!

    17. Windchime Silo

      I absolutely hate the fact there is no animation for exiting bertha. I have been killed so many times by f*ckers driving by and just appearing outside of it. I hate you all

    18. ︎︎ ︎ ︎

      I wonder if the people who were spectated by Jev know they were in Jevs video

    19. jander laurencio

      I’m just waiting on the day jev watches me get a dub with 10+ kills

    20. the king of it all

      Love that he was in gulag and there were still people jumping out the plane lol

    21. Will

      Imagine winning with only 3 kills though. 😂

    22. Luke Weigand

      Jev they should add the Barrett 50. Cal from I believe MW3 with the heart beat sensor integrated into it.

    23. Carlos Gonzalez

      What skin is jev wearing that skin looks sick

    24. Royal

      I only land downtown to get in as many sniper fights as possible because me and my friends love snipers

    25. Nikolai

      Obama, Hamburger, Sussy Balls

    26. Holden Obitz

      The reason I went downtown is because it’s pretty

    27. Observed

      I love these videos

    28. jean-bruno strati

      in solo landing down town out of spite trying to hunt campers... landing super store is a gentleman's agreement to be sweaty landing bone yard is for tryhards landing farm land is a cheap jump scare horror game... landing quarry is just rushing for loadout money and a good mix of sbmm and no one lands summit landing afk is the BR within the BR

    29. Whyouttv E3

      the play in downtown is you get an uav the fastest you can and pop it, then you just push the players in the earlygame witch doesn't have ghost and then you do it again and again ...

    30. Tajay Matthias

      Lol did blivid just ping a threat after he died in BR solos 🤦🏾‍♂️🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    31. John Lavvas

      The agonizing mine fortunately pinch because pocket clinicopathologically employ aside a defiant country. clumsy, resonant burst

    32. James Chino

      My team goes square building with most wanted and snipe

    33. melly .

      What skin is jev wearing?

    34. hahafunny

      2:43 someone tell me why the DOOR IS LIGHTING UP!?

    35. Colton Quinn

      Ur were in swaggs game

    36. Jim Bast

      Buy safe moon

    37. Kyle Hale

      Trying to push through and finish RE8 so I can watch Jev play it 😂

    38. Dewayne williams

      I'm fucking crying🤣

    39. Charlie Zelenowski

      I watch all the UFC cards as well. I agree that some of the Fight Night cards can be amazingly entertaining. Usually the guys on those cards are looking to impress for some exposure, since they're generally not as popular or well known. Makes for some wild fights at times.

    40. Mack A Roni

      120 FOV + affected feels like no recoil on every weapon imo.

    41. Yo boy A4S3NAL

      Jev is the only faze member that I actually like watching and stuck to his original content

    42. spelt

      Jev saying mp5 has crazy recoil makes me want to see him play rust 😂

    43. Bori

      Jev talking to his grandchild: 11:07

    44. sol dixon

      how the he do you get into these interesting lobbies

    45. D Mac

      Jev’s UFC recap is underrated honestly.

    46. MetalicDroid

      Why dont I get these kinds of players in my lobbies lol

    47. Broski

      Jev carries FaZe. His back must be sore.

    48. Landonion 113

      Dude I thought I was the only one just lagging out of nowhere, but the problem is you have good connection but you’re lagging

    49. Frizzodakid Gaming

      gonna name my kid jev and bet 200 he comes out saying “alright what’s goin on guys, it’s jev”

    50. Anthony Shlemon

      I want a 10 seconds before “alright, what’s going on guys, it’s Jev” compilation

    51. Noah Glass


    52. Chris Kimble

      FazeJev: UFC commentator?!

    53. Blind_inHD


    54. 78

      Jevs wearing blackface using that character. Cancel him. Its waysist

    55. Nick D’Amato

      50-50 grindstall 🤣🤣🤣

    56. Logan Puddy

      Jail is near

    57. Logan Puddy


    58. SAYWHATdraaay

      I noticed that the SPR has a faster ads with scope but slower ads without scope. Could just be me but I can't use it without a scope.

    59. Dwight Byrum

      Wait does jev stream?

      1. Phoenix shadow

        No his wife does do

    60. Trumoo Milk Boi

      You should play rocket league after you're done with Resident Evil.

    61. ftwatlas

      dude who died to the cluster strike just made me mad 💀 what was he expecting

    62. TheBardeng

      As usual, majority of the GTA players driving berthas sucks. Last one was ......

    63. smokeisland👹🤙

      Jev should play warzone with tim

    64. Chill Savage

      Jev your resident evil vids arent showing up in recommended for some reason

    65. robert miller

      Uhh honestly when me and my friends land downtown we just run around like madmen no strat and you know…. Just fly at everyone we see

    66. Simon Josh

      Now to it with the worst audio

    67. Char Davis-Murphy

      Eh when I land downtown like I dont land there regularly but when I do i try to find ppl out in the open or i go to get a bounty if I'm bored

    68. My phone has a cracked screen.

      Why is it so hard to win in this game? Lol like ive had more wins in Black out so many wins in solos then in this game it just goes to show you that its not about the skills or getting good (because people complained that black out was very difficult) warzone crappyness is its mechanics or programming of the game that sucks major sweaty donkey balls like the hakcers that infest it. (I play on ps4) Warzone had potential. But it fails. 3 / 10 i rate it for 2021

    69. Haydensnotreal

      I find it very funny how people will hack in Warzone but still manage to get killed, at that point why even cheat? Isn’t the soul purpose of hacking to give you an unfair advantage that no-one else can counter? Also cheating in the first place, just shows that anyone who does it is the perfect mix of a loser and someone who has no patience to become better.

    70. N1XdaBot

      i land downtown cuz its funny (:

    71. adrenochrome drinker

      arrrrrrRrrRrrrrr it’s jev here

    72. nxbair

      How long until Jev is the Joe Rogan of esports commentary?

    73. Joshua Tafili

      I hot drop downtown every game, it’s a constant run and move kinda situation. If your familiar with pushing buildings it’s easier to get around and especially if you have a feel for where people. Idk I kinda like the rush even if I die right away on a bad drop I’ll still drop again.

    74. Tyler Brown

      SAFEMOON GANG!!!!!

    75. RayyzXLR

      6:17 Rocket league players know…

    76. Mrduckywucky

      How you gonna be jev and not know about prestige

    77. LOL_ Greenes

      Downton contracts

    78. BiPolarSL0TH

      My man out here representing the #1 rising crypto Safemoon! If you haven’t heard about it do some research! Shooting to the moon in a year time I guarantee

    79. Raspberry Poutine

      Jev sounds like the best kind of UFC fan, even watches the less popular cards and gives solid opinions. Respect.

    80. That_Big_Boi

      fourth time re watching the video and it still made me laugh

    81. Atq 2

      jev is only spectating players because he suck :)

    82. Ace


    83. Cell MTD

      love u jev

    84. Jose Gonzalez

      jev cut your hair and beard

    85. The Warrior Dad

      Let's take a moment for our sponsor..safemoon.

    86. Jack Edensor


    87. Xander Glass

      Watching this on the John. I like

    88. Stelios.

      spectate rebirth if u want

    89. Hi I’m H04r

      When I land down town with my trio we get cash buy load out and uav then w key everybody

    90. jalen bodendorf

      Yesss safemoon 🚀

    91. Saint

      He almost lost that 3 kill banger🤣🤣

    92. Totem Slaya

      00:30 so u never looked into a mirror?

    93. TheOneReal Clips

      i love knowin i got the same hair as jev lmao

    94. OTR_ASTRO

      jev ima be honest sometimes you just talk about shit i just don’t give a fuck about but somehow you keep me on your videos keep up the great work

    95. C0L_Bread (C0L_Bread)

      You might as well collab with jgod

    96. CRYOx Gaming

      Would you and courage please team up and do a spectator video over some pro league !

    97. Fruit

      "Worst Choke" Ha

    98. TheFatRacc

      Where’s requis

    99. Stupid Brit

      4:30 "Yeah I play day Z"

    100. CBas Merkz

      Facts. A Dub is a Dub