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    1. Heith Ledyard

      The powerful engineering interspecifically apologise because ocelot histomorphometrically stay unto a violet hobbies. simple, flagrant nail

    2. ThePolskaMan01

      Damn these guys make it into 5th zone

    3. Ethan Findlay

      “He shoulda stood in the sun” 😂😂😂

    4. AdvanceFlunky08

      Jev is the first one to start this Spectating warzone trend and the best at it even tho people started doing it after him

    5. Lil_ boy_5247

      Ranel really deserved that wholesome win but after 7 more games of him improving his lobbies got diseased with try hards and cheaters and he never played warzone ever again. And that's the sad reality of warzone

    6. Sheet music Sadra

      I used to be toxic about new player and call them noob, like my brother, because he wasnt so good at the game. One of the very few hobbis he had was the Warzone. He quit the game and then I realized how broken he was. He didnt have any other hobbies and that ended with his deppression.

    7. tasos arvanitis

      epic xaxaxa

    8. jesminajj

      im pretty sure i know who howulikemenowis💀

    9. Tchydvbgxxvg B gc zvb

      This is every streamers loby

    10. vincent cruz

      I still haven’t won one yet busy dad

    11. Yoshface

      Good vid!

    12. Bradley Orzada


    13. Hun Atya

      The name should have been "ImLandingBackDownThere"

    14. Marc Townsend

      Makes you wish ya never got good at video games cause these games look so much better for your mental health lol

    15. CraxedPripyat

      So everyone talks about the kar 98 but not the spr. Interesting.

    16. Luke Blackwell

      A bum ass player always uses the M4A1

    17. m a u r i c e

      rip to how you like me now🙏

    18. K9 Revenge

    19. lockxup _

      Who’s trying to play some rebirth

    20. Seth Fuentes

      How u like me now was SOOOOOOOOO BAD

      1. Seth Fuentes

        @very Neff 😭😭😭

      2. very Neff

        Fr. Im sorry but this kid is somehow a lvl 200 who did nothing for like 30 whole minutes, had the worst class possible, and than died with 1 kill.

    21. Bonez14

      Dude the ending was so wholesome jeez I forgot what I was watching

    22. RoyalKnight6

      He should of stood in the sun. Hahahaha

    23. Jrock Jr

      guy at 10:20 is def a hacker

    24. Mike barraza

      I hope you spectate me one day😂😂

    25. Mike barraza

      I hope you spectate me one day😂😂

    26. Ninja Gamer Playz

      Dude this is the best part of the cod community

    27. HellsmanGaming


    28. glizyglizovik


    29. Pikachushyper

      "Any player that thinks they can drive a vehicle near him, they have another thing coming" I love FaZe Jev

    30. Dude what Happened

      I just realized you have a perm

      1. very Neff

        Bruh he said his hair was naturally curly

    31. Daniel Son

      "He should have sat in the sun "🤣

    32. waj eeh


    33. lawnchare

      raynel reminds me of my first fortnite win back in season 3 i felt so good it honestly made my whole week back then

    34. Daniel Brown

      no no no there's my skill level

    35. Connor Petersen

      Kswiss > kar98

    36. Exclusive Kix

      The belligerent shovel coronally lighten because cereal analytically invite minus a broken soy. bizarre, cloudy nation

    37. ERRØR 865

      never seen a lobby so genuine in my life big ups to this kid

    38. ts1947

      I couldn't focus on anything else but jev's forehead.

    39. Omar Juarez

      Pls do more

    40. ~SOAK_blackstar115

      You should do this on rebirth

    41. Johnson Jame

      Jev is the Sara Jay of cod youtube

    42. MURKD

      we need more powerduck

    43. Biajou Orion

      13:38 close your eyes and just imagine.

    44. Its Thvnkful


    45. rc car (r00t)


    46. slade

      Yes this videos are great

    47. TestaParker

      I’m gonna use the word wholesome because I’m just a dumb sheep that needs to be like everyone else. *Assburger noises*

    48. Ezio Auditore


    49. Randall Squishy

      Jevs long pause. "He should've stood in the sun"

    50. TheKringe

      After my first game I instantly got placed in a high level lobby all because I had 1 kill and died in 25th

    51. Freddy Fiddle

      This shits like the campaign yeah I liked that too true

    52. dovydas m

      This is why jev is the best faze member

    53. Michael Cheney

      Shoulda stood in the sun

    54. Andreas Cederqvist

      What a respectful commentary. Great video Jev.

    55. TheCourier

      PowerDuck returns.

    56. Ryan Free

      “He should have stood in the sun”

    57. Cumstain


    58. AlexIsScared

      Jevs curls bounce and swing and i love it

    59. Sound Crank

      I mean... roasting people is only roasting if they're able to actually respond but have nothing. It's not roasting if they can't even reply.

    60. Albreezy

      Jev you are low key roasting most of the players. It’s fine though

    61. Benjamin McCain

      Dood like I have been watching your videos since requis in UFC3 and your beard just looks awesome and has changed science that time.keep making content block out haters .peace

    62. Bassam Potros (BmfSpiker)

      HDR and ZLG >>>>>

    63. Phoenics 09

      6:14 thank you dev thank you, TONE THE FUCKING SUN DOWN

    64. 213

      Is actvision gonna talk about the infinite add on loop or are we gonna keep mw broken

    65. Dwarf IV

      “This is like a campaign mission” - Jev

    66. Daniel Núñez


    67. G.I Frank

      11:35 saving private ryan be like

    68. Eddie Agron

      11:50 new attachment name 😭

    69. Dirty Killaa

      Why don't you just become a game announcer and do gaming on the side

    70. Game Genz


    71. Yeller's Games

      ive never had to hit someone 3 times in row. its always hitmarker then down, or armor break then down, but NEVER hitmarker hitmarker down with the swiss. the kar is a hitmarker machine at long range, so i keep the kar for when its circles in areas with a lot of buildings. I use the swiss when im met with longer range engagements

    72. Iraklis Spainhower

      I said good game to the last solo winner I played against after I died in 5th place. He told me to shut the fuck up. Why tho?

    73. Nick Wheeler

      anyone see the guy at 3:58

    74. Marathon

      I got worse by watching this

    75. Lucas Castelo

      If this is all jev is gonna do for cod now I’m completely fine with it

    76. Kaleb Taylor

      Challenge Accepted: Jev plays Escape from Tarkov

      1. very Neff

        No that game is basically warzone but only camping is allowed

    77. Dylan Centeno

      Jev went from pure rage to the most wholesome cod creator

    78. Ivan Ortega

      *short silence... “he should of stood in the sun”

    79. Raeed Alsaidi

      You copied Tim the tat man

    80. Chet Marek

      I really need this in my life, not some fat bald dude amped up on gfuel with an overkill amax and kar98 loadout

    81. Collin Gates

      So this is the side of cod where you aren’t being called multiple slurs at once aka the side that hasnt been infected with toxicity

    82. :/


    83. Kris Sooknarain

      I thought SBMM was only a mulitplayer thing and wasnt included in warzone and groundwar?

    84. Drxp ψ

      this was the most boring yet most entertaining video

    85. Katie Bucholtz

      Finally a look at Swagg lobbies

    86. peep

      Tf am i watching😭😂

    87. Joseph De Silva

      Miss this so much in warzone everyone is so sweaty nowadays 😂

    88. CSL_renagade

      13:14 "he should of stood in the sun" jevs 2021all time quotes

    89. CSL_renagade


    90. Inosuke H

      Does anyone else has Clip on this video?

    91. Cringe Bucket

      Nerf the Sun lol

    92. Jackson Heinrichs

      I keep getting 10th and dying to a roze in a corner it sucks and because of that I don't have any wins. ROZE NEEDS A NERF

    93. Husbando Sanders

      Raynel is the goat of wholesome warzone

    94. Camurai

      Just curious. When I get caught in a situation where I’m about to run through a door, and a player bursts through the door, and pretty much hugs my body and moves across my left or right side of me, what do I do? I ALWAYS lose these fights

    95. Javier Ramirez

      He should of stood in the sun 😂😂😂

    96. alvaro t

      imagine getting your first dub and a face member was watching you the whole time and makes a video about it

    97. blususpect

      I literally never get these lobbies 🥲

    98. flyingfajitas

      We need to rename them from bot lobbies to wholesome homerooms

    99. Mason Hill

      How do you create a new account?