WARZONE was a bad idea today

FaZe Jev

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    1. Vicazer

      so is this why he only spectates now ? understandable that boy cant handle his mangos

    2. Bazdarino The Bizier

      Bruh, you're so trash LUL

    3. payton calixto

      6:40 💀 😂

    4. Ulises Najera

      He’s gun loadout name says i hate this game why is it popular

    5. Miffydsi


    6. Dilloninator

      6:41 I have not seen Jev smash something in a long time. This is refreshing.

    7. Estrvan Bilal

      6:45 Got me dying! 😂😂😂😂😂😂

    8. Toby Pepperill

      My man u need to chill it's just a game

    9. Jowell De Jesus

      His desk at 6:45: my time has come

    10. Purely Black

      Jev do you realize if warzone did not have a 10 minute loading time you would be posting 3-5 minute videos

    11. Spartan

      ohhh no

    12. the_shep

      Like the thumbnail

    13. Ricardo Gonzalez

      I feel your pain jevvy.

    14. TonyPlayz YT


    15. ItsKaspa Hoe

      Hey man you forgot to pull your parachute

    16. 360Looney

      That kid in the air got wrecked😭

    17. BigKilla


    18. BigKilla


    19. BigKilla


    20. Brodagos EM

      “I hate my brain anymore”

    21. TheMEGA


    22. qaido

      Was never into the Faze's or the Optics or any of that clan stuff but dude you're alright :))

    23. Star wars Bricks


    24. IIXV

      That the jev that I know

    25. ThePotatoMaster 3D

      I hate my brain anymore -Jev

    26. Connor Flack

      I love these vids

    27. Collin Surles

      call of duty is shit now idk what y'all are doing lmaooo xD

    28. Vruinz

      I love how back then cut coms were the type of videos that got the lowest views in FaZe. Jev never stopped making em and look at him now. Breaking almost a mil each video lmao

    29. Shayee

      The class names LMAO

    30. simon handal


    31. SpartanWaviness

      I guess... warzone sucks I prefer cold war anyway

    32. Devin Bobo

      Dude jevs one of a kind

    33. Owen Liesche

      Bro jev raged so hard his camera shut off for him and said nah it ain't lookin good over here

    34. Marcus Alexander

      The CARMA and irony in this video is just Activision trolling.

    35. PHANTomASTIC


    36. Car lito

      bruh when he slammed his desk. his computer went crazy 😂😂😂

    37. Brody Lauziere

      yo no more desk

    38. KamDaOrcuh

      6:45 How Chris Brown beat up Rihanna

    39. Alex M


    40. The Destroyer

      Broo no way I got a war zone ad after this video with all the music and everything after Jev destroyed his setup 🤣🤣

    41. edwin ramirez

      6:44 the funniest part about that whole thing is that the dude that killed him is just looking around in the background 😭

    42. }:{ Bruno }:{

      6:45 thank my later..

    43. Galactic Gaming

      🗑 GARBAGE

    44. MartyFry

      After this day windows 10 got installed

    45. YengLOL

      note: he did this for the video :)

    46. f

      warzone was a bad day today too LOL

      1. Dilloninator


    47. lord headass

      6:41 Funny

    48. C J

      Fucking fantastic!

    49. Mika Hodneland


    50. Spoom

      Jev needs friends

    51. Matt Penza

      cant yall see he milking anymore🙄


      Has Jev ever won a game of solos?

    53. Jonathan Rodriguez

      Jev your class names are 💯💯

    54. Xavier Blazeichuk

      4 minutes of gameplay until he rages thats a new record

    55. Brogan MIllard

      Yeah jev love you vids I'm going to get gruel witch one would you prefer

    56. Issa Romper

      *it’s the windows volume sound in the end for me ha ha*

    57. Ridvan Orak

      Challenge accepted: do your old hair

    58. Luke Keohane

      This video sums up warzone rn

    59. Snper

      His classes are named I hate this game why is it popular

    60. David Batchelor

      Him slamming the table sounded like Ali-a’s intro song

    61. UZ_NoAim

      Dude I feel u so much with that game xD. Even tho it is trash due to the lack of balancing etc, one can not stop playin it

    62. Extra Sprinkles

      6:41 😂😂😂💀💀💀💀

    63. I don't know what to put here

      6:21 6:44

    64. MattGAMERzIR

      RIP table 😔

    65. Fugina peinus

      Bro clearly the dragunov is where it’s at homie... duhhhhh

    66. Verati

      looks like a normal day to me

    67. Jamie Harris

      6:09 I hate my brain anymore 😂

    68. david parker


    69. Glitchy SpaZZ

      If I had a dollar for everytime he said “bullet Velocity” I would be rich🤣

    70. Gamefudg2132

      “I hate my Brain anymore” my favorite quote by far.

    71. Tornscroddum

      6:42 man hit his desk so hard his webcam came off

    72. Le'ona Perry

      I just watched you bake pizza and now you're slamming the desk. Wild

    73. WittmannX

      Nice desk

    74. Landon Doi

      wow, just wow

    75. terik smith

      Gun build and quit video. Nice.

    76. madboss73

      I'm fucking crying😂😂

    77. Austin Kirkham

      why is it like whenever you try and hit someone to death they kill you faster but then someone tries to kill you by hitting they kill you faster

    78. skas Gaming

      4:23 i LOVE metaphor XD

    79. light skin dog

      i felt the pain of getting punched to death.. more op than any weapon i swear.

    80. Scrambled

      Oh don’t worry jev, I’m sorry the parachute didn’t deploy but next game mayb- HOLY SHIT JEV WAT ARE YOU DOING

    81. Ramzee James

      challenge accepted use the slowest ZRG in warzone

    82. Ryan Kendall63

      Been using the spr since the day it was added it’s just as good as the kar if you play with it the right way and that’s definitely the best build to run with it

    83. Tim Sweeney

      Forreal though how does 2 punches kill you? This game is dog shit

    84. SpLoXi 2

      0:01 famous last words

    85. warren clark

      Jev slammed the desk so hard REQUIS got ptsd

    86. Mason11 Derma

      The most eventful 50 seconds I have watched

    87. Ben Wilson

      Jev.Exe has stopped working.

    88. Exlenxe

      Jev looks like daft punk in the thumbnail

    89. kira

      He’s so Funny because I feel like he’s talking to himself & just recording it 😂😂

    90. Sir Carter

      This is not okay ...

    91. alex garcia

      5:11 you can see the guy climbing lol

    92. Acemcfugly

      Ngl call of duty in general feels dry

    93. Astro man

      6:21 my newborn sister at 4am when she needs a change

    94. Hagen Shell

      bruh i had this build like 3 month's ago

    95. Jeffery Meow

      I know imma get heat for this, but i enjoy cold war a lot more than modern warfare

    96. jesus196_

      no one: not a single soul: kids at toys r us when there mom said no: 6:20

    97. TwinBreezy

      Jev slammed his desk so hard that it caused the Fukushima plant to get destroyed

    98. GoLdTr0op

      Warzone: **EXISTS** Jev: “I hate my brain anymore”.

    99. Wow


    100. Godly Hentai

      Classic jev is back boy 😂😂😂😂😂😂