WARZONE SOLOS are changed FOREVER... I think

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    1. GoblinPhreak

      Imagine being so trash you need aim assist. sad

      1. GoblinPhreak

        5 static, in a range of 15-20 tiles (map) Makes sense to me

    2. Anthony Parlin

      Can you plz get a better mic or something? I love watching you but your voice is so much quieter then every other video I watch

    3. Bradley Orzada


    4. Jennifer LaPiana

      Five per region

    5. t7

      i like how he almost quit

    6. Captain Africa

      My health has been better since I stop play this game

    7. $moke217

      I just got a notification for this video .... IRflow needs to step up their game

    8. ApEx-Adz

      5:41 Thought that was Big Boss for a second

    9. Westside Boys “DankNation1”

      6:12 Jason got a sweet taste if instant Karma

    10. Corey Blei

      literally do not miss playing this game, such a shit fest

    11. Bestgunner1 (bestgunner)

      Day 38 of asking jev to play Minecraft again

    12. I Love Tigs

      Jev: I’m landing back down there *Dies* Jev: I didn’t have anythinggggggggggaAAAAAAAAAAH

    13. Jank 909

      I actually enjoy solos again for the first time in 5 months

    14. Chief Alex

      For the bethas they mean 5 ler player

    15. GandalfThyGinger

      Call of Duty: Camping Simulator

    16. Howard Wilson

      Warzone Players:Remove Berthas from Solos, it’s ruining Endgame Devs:Were Listening, we’re removing...5 from 20 🤔🤷‍♂️

    17. RollingPapers. EXE

      Bro I understand his frustration

    18. Tre molony

      Blackout was soooooo much better imo

    19. F LoKo Official

      Jev bangin the table at 6:20 had me in stitches loooool

    20. John Klimas

      Make it like apex damaging the vehicle hurts the occupants

    21. Extremsit_rat Rat

      bruh i dont even like call of duty bro but I like jev so I just watch

    22. Matthew Peters

      Yeah Jev solos are fucked😡😡

    23. Liam Skinner 84 (STUDENT)

      just realized this guy gets a million views a day like it’s nothing

    24. Noah Leek

      Jev rage quits and stops recording at the same time

    25. PaPa_Leach

      I think a good to lower the dependability on vehicle is to make tires destructible like gta.

    26. Montgomery Magnan

      What if the cars had gas then they would not go to the end of the game

    27. Jonathan Gonzalez

      When they’re down Jev and fans it’s 200 health. Which is beyond doodoo tbh.

    28. BL4CKY_Z

      Jev hitting a sign thats in an open space 8:25 lmao

    29. Eduardo srt8

      No need of taking out vehicles just adjust them as in blackout. In Blackout you can easily destroy them thats all they need to do with low health people now would use them just for rotation and immediately hop out cuz its easier to destroy

    30. Michael Ruggiero

      Jev raging is at 6:16 thank me later

    31. Brett Bonaccorsi

      I don't get when they netf something by reducing the number of them, it makes no sense because it ends up having the opposite effect. Now the people that have the truck have an even bigger advantage because they are more rare to find

    32. Lazlo Gets

      It means 5 less trucks

    33. Victor O

      Let’s not ruin the 666k views

    34. Røbęrt シ

      Jev what are your settings plz 😢

    35. Brandon Thomas

      They honestly need to reduce recoil for almost all guns because of the amount of cheaters using Cronus/scripts for no recoil and aim assist..

    36. Mark Cast

      Makes a video about cargo trucks . Him instantly: Activision took my advice

    37. Wyatt Burns

      What are his senses on here?

    38. ThePearMuncher

      Pls bring back requis

    39. Douglfl

      The update wouldn’t have gone out yet

    40. KB

      He talks about the Amax but have y’all used the FAL this season?😭

    41. Zachary Maggiulli

      Static means changing

    42. Thabiso Nhleko

      Yo do you guys see the clip feature? We can clip on IRflow now?!?!?

    43. Rico TheOutLet

      Warzone is whack now

    44. essjjulian 408

      @FazeJev bring back jevs cafè please

    45. TheKatanaRider

      why do controller guys always want to leave the game when the got downed by an enemy? lol

    46. Aaron Douglas

      He just quit making when he dies don’t even try to revive like bro quit rage quitting and play the game

    47. The Clan Boys

      Range is subtraction

    48. FPS_JOE

      Fk solos. This is actually worse

    49. Jack Mangano

      The 5 is the amount of berthas they took out so if you take the range and add it by 5 that’s how many berthas there are in a game before the update

    50. Raif Jafri

      My squad pushed a solo guy in a truck and the guy SAT IN THE TRUCK AND RAN ALL OF US OVER EARLY GAME. trucks r retarded and need to be taken out of the game. Period. Cars, Atvs and helis are enough

    51. Mustachioo

      Who else feels bad for jev being fived

    52. VENOM SPEX

      I spent my time counting how many times jev said "whatever" in this one video and it's 17

    53. quix4L

      What does static even mean?

    54. Devin Rowland

      Sub Zero beard vibes

    55. Tastier jungle 46

      Dutlniv tioogattlyg

    56. Bilal Abdel

      4:22 driving skills

    57. Ya boi Diivison

      I just wanna fckin multi dude *Teach me how to multi teach me teach me how to multi*

    58. Tyler Van Horn

      Bro from the camera angle I knew that he was going to rage

    59. Chris Scott

      If I knew I was facing you in any mode Id uninstall. Especially if I got a lucky kill n knew you were dropping back in gunning for me. GG. Keep up the best content on IRflow bruh

    60. Piggy!!!

      dude it will take affect later that day man cmon

    61. matheew gonzaleez

      Me: Dad the TV isn’t working Dad to the TV: 6:20

    62. Ryan Macias 5

      maybe its 5 trucks per zone change?

    63. George Holt

      I don't trust or like you without a beard and glasses. Please never change.

    64. Aurteekay

      There’s only 5 berthas ? I feel like that’s even more dumb now everyone is just gonna fight for them and it’s gonna make for a stupid hot zone and a weak end game

    65. lHolyToastl

      They didn’t change anything, it’s still 16-20 with the trucks. The reason he could only see 11 is because a couple we being used or were already destroyed

    66. Myles H

      1:30 when I try to read during lunch

    67. Star wars Bricks

      hey jev i think the numbers of the cargo trucks is a percentage rate

    68. Tom arscuu

      5:04 But don’t most guns do that. Especially from that range..

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    70. CHEESE

      I dont like any faze clan members except jev

    71. Unknown _

      Campers fuck the game up, if they added something that if you stay idle in a spot for a long period of time you are shown on the UAV

    72. Its 5-16to20

    73. Marcus Loo

      I'm waiting for jevs desk to cave in the middle like a fucking omlete and his shit all justcrasges to the floor with the video ending there

    74. Michael Dall Johansen Lund

      Jev do you think scaling the HP of vehicles in different modes would be a good idea? Like 1 person is going to be slower to take down a vehicle than a squad is, so having lower HP vehicles for solos would make sense right.

    75. e4eee g

      Fist me dadddy?

      1. e4eee g

        Jev ? ;)

    76. QuantumChrist X

      Not gunna lie bro you really need to gain confidence and stop thinking so damn much and jus5 bang bro your Faze Jev

    77. Nameless_Noah

      Challenged accepted: Make Swedish fish

    78. Deadtheunholy

      Bruh 6:20


      They should make it to wear berthas run out of gas after a certain amount of time

    80. Angel Silva

      Challenge accepted: do a challenge accepted

    81. AlexIsScared

      If you love 7th Parties you should play Apex again. You'll NEVER have a 1v1 gunfight

    82. RequestDragon

      Just learn to dodge the bullets

    83. Jeffery Meow

      play apex legends

    84. V10_Solar

      Jev should play rebirth

    85. C J

      At leats there trying so let's give them a cookie 🍪

    86. yuhhh

      U should play apex legends again

    87. Dylan Swift Eagle

      side comment THIS MANS RAN INTO A POLE 😂

    88. Dylan Swift Eagle


    89. josh

      Why does your voice sound deep when you say “Alright”

    90. Jacob Miller


    91. Static Shock

      Bro play the forest again do a play throughhh please it will blow up it’s so fun and now there’s an ending

    92. RightSide Sauce

      The static range of 16-20 has been decreased by 5, meaning that the new range would be 11-15! Hope this helps Jev, luv u

    93. JuanLilG

      Play Friday the 13th again ! Those videos were hilarious

    94. Senpai_ Moisty

      Jev it’s my bday today

      1. Dylan Swift Eagle


    95. ElectricYT

      Challenge accepted: Actually use your self revive...

    96. Dreplays

      Jev complaining about running out in the open and dying in a literal warzone is the dumbest shit I’ve heard lol That’s where this game went to shit like fortnite. It shouldn’t take 50 bullets to down someone lol shit is dead

    97. ritzzzey gaming

      Add emp's like blackout

    98. Trot Pipkin

      Everyone wants jevs cafe back

    99. BryanFz


    100. Riley B

      Hi jev I’ve been here for a few years and remember a lot but can we have other P.O. Box opening or maybe a rainbow video