They BUFFED the MILANO and now it feels better than a hug from your loved ones (SEASON 2 RELOADED)

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    1. yessir reee

      me : 5 minutes ago i got a win with it in warzone

    2. Swizzel

      these titles keep on getting better and better

    3. Tristan Crelan

      who saw that play of the game

    4. inplx

      weird i never had to remake my classes

    5. d mesa

      lol the milano was always fun for me now it’s op

    6. Long live Asashoryu

      best title ever

    7. Ryan Reed

      That beard is fantastic

    8. T- Wally03

      Day 29 of asking jev to play insurgency: sandstorm on steam

    9. Jeremy Hulbert

      I've never had a problem with the Milano in cold war or warzone, i've always been good with it

    10. trustin JesusChrist

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      1. arid

        fax man, god bless

    11. Arif Ramen noodles

      They actually needed the Milano. They increased the sprint out time

    12. blamWOW!


    13. swavay

      Once I got done leveling all my guns, I was gonna go back to using a gunfighter Milano *before* they buffed it. Now I can't wait

    14. Angry Lobster


    15. Mr.GoodTime

      play rainbow six siege

    16. Shervano5

      Still a fat annoying game

    17. Toast

      I am toast

    18. DJ Osinloye

      Hip fire with Milano is cracked

    19. N O

      Milano was my favorite gun for a minute since december

    20. g sd

      Literally the best of all time

    21. g sd

      I love you so much Jev

    22. Jens Hagenaars

      what are your camera settings?

    23. dark angel

      Jev: why does dark aether display on this but not dark matter Me:becuase dark aether is superior 👌

    24. ghost r1der6541

      My classes didn’t get reset😂

    25. Sternward Boss

      Not the biggest 6v6 fan but I love to see some still having success making content for it!

    26. Ralph


    27. roryemery 87

      4:28 Rainbow 6 siege after every event finishes

    28. super nova

      new mp7???

    29. Commissioner Popo

      hello jev, wake up, this game is fat trash

    30. Jared Erisman

      Top 10 video titles in IRflow history

    31. aangel rz

      Where can I check the nerfs on the guns and all that information?

    32. water_malone935

      How did you check the guns patch notes

    33. Dave Robot

      Laughed at title 🤣

    34. Mikel Ayala

      My classes not reset

    35. River Waters

      feeeeel guuud

    36. Shamefuhl

      Next title:Milano gets nerfed again and now my mom doesn’t love me

    37. Dylan Blankenship

      "Looks great and all but terrible for visuals"

    38. BlueSkullzGaming

      is nuketown your favorite map?

    39. Michael Leon

      Love to see that smile

    40. phantom one

      rust players looking at people complaining about recoil in cold war:

    41. YoJxke

      I guess I’m rlly lucky cuz my classes stayed like they didn’t get reset lol so I have good luck I guess

    42. Troll Face

      dont google sex :trollface:

    43. dj manning

      This dude would get destroyed by eight

    44. daily epic

      Challenge accepted: use kali sticks and the Milano

    45. Kay Lan

      I watched the first couple minutes and he said the milano was buffed so I went on warzone and I got shat on 😂😂

    46. Feedzentity

      I always outgunned all of the meta weapons

    47. Feedzentity

      I have always loved the Milano

    48. David Rector

      What is up with the character’s arms? 😂 1:00

    49. WhyHelloThere

      the milano is 100% getting nerfed next update

    50. Fc gaming1012

      Killhouse is im modern warfare

    51. Ryken1k

      challenge accepted: Play apex legends

    52. Fortitude

      Jev should stream over on twitch

    53. Atlas11101001

      So my classes didn't get reset I heard it was because people had glitched classes like keeping the crossbow when they removed it

    54. Clyde Spight

      Dammit time to buy the anime milano now.

    55. death dealer

      Jev i havent been getting any notifications about your vids idk if this is happening for anyone else :(

    56. No U

      This is an imposter Jason we need to find jev

    57. Brian's Bricks

      Bruh.....I get get the Milano Gold when it’s poo I’m doing the 74u and it’s nerfed😭

    58. Chris Cowle

      Am I the only one who didn’t get my classes reset

    59. Joey Horn

      jev picks the most groovy music for his videos

    60. WxL

      MAC10: I'm the freshest and most OP weapon in the game! Everyone uses me! The UZI: Sit down and respect your elders, child. Its time for an ass whooping.

    61. WxL

      I like that the one thing he messed up in the patch notes was sniper glint being disabled for everything but irons. I don't get sniper glint on any other sight either - I think there's still sniper glint when using rifle like the 8x and 10-20x on ARs or LMGs. But no worries for snipers. I did feel like glint when using iron sights made no sense at all. But red dots probably shouldn't glint either.

    62. A1_Rambo

      Gameplay starts at 3:48

    63. RedNeckMan18

      Would I get on Twitter or Instagram to check the patch notes an updates plus the new guns/nerfs an buffs for guns on Warzone/MW

    64. Luc Vuksanbrucaj

      I would play but Yanno Bravo invisible gator pops up for the past 2 fucking days

    65. BeIong

      Is the RPG and M79 Science progress still broken? Anybody know when they going to fix it.?

    66. IMRaxe

      Cold War fucking sucks

    67. Misty Hawthorne

      How are there dislikes on this when he smiled in the thumbnail

    68. Kimbo Slice

      What they buff on it? Have no audio at work

    69. Something Else

      They probably reset all of the classes because they're too stupid to fix people having weapons they shouldn't have. Wouldn't surprise me if that was the case, tbh.

    70. PapiPeanuts

      Jev is gamer jesus

    71. Sledhead Gaming

      My classes never changed

    72. Dominick Ruiz

      You should make Requis a woman is UFC 4. Call her Requishia

    73. Kade Carpenter

      my classes didnt reset i wonder why.

    74. Terry Lockhart

      Bro I been playing with the Milano since launch this update is awesome

    75. Bobs Vagenes

      I see Cold War changing some movement.. but one change I do wanna see for Cold War is jump shotting They should atleast reduce the amount of bounce the gun has when you’re jumping

    76. Hugh Mongis

      residentsleeper your controller aims for you

    77. MeleeNinja

      Time to use the milano and krig 6 and grind camos without even trying I wanted to get the LC 10 gold but the new update destroyed the gun in hardcore

    78. wallie_man

      Damn last time I watched a vid is when he said 3.1 milli subs damn

    79. Owen Gilbert

      Can you do a MP5 video I love it and can’t get away and I’ve never seen it Dark matter and I want to see what other people use for attachments and see if I can better my class

    80. Alex K

      Bro the title 😭

    81. SPiRiT

      Oh shit jev is canceled he has 666K views

    82. Havoc Nightmare

      Me watching this whole video: JASON STIM

    83. Unknown_Individual

      Challenge accepted: PLAYTHROUGH. LITERALLY ANYTHING.

    84. ItsNovik


    85. Aldo Cruz

      Jev you should bring back the pink dino outfit:)

    86. Cole G

      They buffed the the ffar

    87. Milo mr

      Ya smoke needs to be removed asp

    88. JakersMoneyMaker _

      You make Cold War look fun but when I go to play it i get off after a game

    89. Ben Wilson

      I’m waiting for Jason’s community to “let” him play something other then COD the mans does nothing, but complain and lowkey lose his mind 😂🤣☠️ pls for me go play something different

    90. Angel _

      Play zombies

    91. Oni !

      If you think about it, Jev can say the N word

    92. Myron

      Challenge Accepted: Play warzone on mouse and keyboard

    93. BABYBUGZ- YT

      When I got the update it didn’t reset my class so that’s good for me 😂

    94. Nbot Fifi

      Plauge diamond glitch is gone then ig

    95. AD03

      Challenge accepted: Fist me Daddy

    96. MR.HEAD

      You talk too much, just play the game bro jesus

    97. Ricardo Diaz

      Jev you should play Cold War campaign

    98. Dylan Behrends


    99. fedupmaniac

      nono the milano has been buffed in warzone, or atleest I think they have, im getting 4 hit kills to the chest

    100. S1lent

      challenge for you:get flashed again