WARZONE broke my headset but I'm fine with it

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    1. Fssfdgd Sgssgsyshs

      0:24 stop

    2. I’m a smartie


    3. charlie Card

      3.37 minutes voice crack

    4. Baklovea

      Maybe smth happens to verdansk, new AUG and FFAR skins. Oh yeah :(

    5. Bill

      Cod mw4 and cold war are the worst cods out there. Apex legends a fucking free game has way more views and a higher player count daily

    6. Bartek Kornaga

      Hopefully its gonna make a 2nd comeback

    7. luna_moth

      Jev is amazing at the gulag

    8. Nathan Stewart

      The next vid title is gonna be war zone broke my marriage

    9. XxMongoxX

      We love you Jason ❤❤❤

    10. Y.Bstizzy

      this guy did not let his clout or money change him, thats why in my opinion hes the best faze member

    11. Nick Ciaburri

      hey jev love the videos and never say anything negative but im not sure how I feel about the new face cam size

    12. Jaden Hazen

      you did make a video on a gray matter blueprint 4 months ago but it was the ax50

    13. wølf North † :Š.Î.Ť.Ô : †

      He was correct about the zombies i think cuase they're in the prison now

    14. Stinky Feet

      fun fact: he did do a video for on a sniper named gray matter and i think it was called i unlocked gray matter sniper rifle but its not as good as i thought it was

    15. Shawn Marcum

      Jevs lowkey look like gohan with that lock of hair


      You have, way back then there was a AX-50 blueprint called gray matter that looked like very other AX-50

    17. Joe Regan

      I literally just got the noti for this video

    18. Camilo Gil

      Can we just talk about the flick at 2:33????

    19. Amplict

      lol mortal kombat music in the intro

    20. Spoof

      Time to get Astro ID's get that pink astro headset back.

    21. xavierleo1

      Why do battle royales always feel like they’re trying too hard

    22. Hadi Mohammad

      Jev i refuse to watch anyone else until I see you happy again

    23. Coby Craighead

      love you jev

    24. Erick Hernandez

      The Fucking BEARD! Looking like the white requis!!!

    25. Lagon

      It’s the eleventh, nothing has happened

    26. Why not?

      Fix the headset or something pls😭😭

    27. Cort Asher

      Jev, it very well could have been a short within the wires.

    28. Jose Valencia

      When will you bring back P.O. Box opening

    29. mobile gamer

      Day 28 of asking to continue his Minecraft series I switched accounts again

    30. Marco Bravo

      Mw better than cold war? Thoughts just curious

    31. G P

      Cod ruined his headset omg

    32. 999 Holy

      gray matter ax50 blueprint if that's what you were talking about

    33. mrfasarias

      Nothing happend

    34. DingDingDong

      If jev didnt kill himself he might have won that game, that lobby was full of BOTS

    35. IZET Beganovic


    36. IZET Beganovic


    37. IZET Beganovic


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    44. IZET Beganovic


    45. Jank 909

      You played 24 hours less than me And I thought that I play this game for waay to long

    46. COD Gaming

      My the pink headset Rest In Peace

    47. H-TOWN GaNG

      Use the kar98

    48. The Sage

      Pink headset got more revives than goku at this point

    49. IZET Beganovic

      Moment of silence for the pink headset 🌹🌹🌹💐💐💐

    50. Joshua Harvey

      Gray matter is from bo4

    51. DJJ



      Jeff just ass at this point post a win

    53. Garf Thetoast

      Why dont you play cold war like im begging you

    54. Luke Pemberton

      Yeah jev a lot of people actually play Cold War if you checks who’s online it shows more people play Cold War then MW you should try it Cold War man even if you don’t like tbe multiplayer there is zombies outbreak campaign like I click off the video every time I see MW

    55. everywhere at the end of time

      the iconic pink headset is gone.

    56. Caleb Connolly

      Please take a break for ur mental Health

    57. Daniel V

      You have it was an AX-50

    58. daddylord

      keep up the work jev love ya man

    59. Benjamin Robinson


    60. HoopleHeadUSA

      Outbreak Zombies is kinda fun tbh. I don’t really like the regular one but enjoyed Outbreak

    61. Nas Khwaja

      Yo, is that a Talon from Court of Owls shirt...?

    62. Shigechi Supremacist

      Grey matter ax-50, that’s what you made a previous vid on

    63. GAVIN COOK

      bro try rebirth

    64. Secret 2


    65. Elijah

      You’re the GOAT of FAZE they truly don’t deserve you 🐐♥️

    66. Camo 2k

      I wanna let you know Jev, we won’t mind if you play another game that won’t make u feel miserable. Trust when I say this war zone bring down everyone’s self esteem and makes everyone rage. I just wanna see you happy again.

    67. DrBunkleDuck ._.

      Apparently the whole map gets nuked

    68. Steakernoid

      Wasn’t the gray matter one an ax-50?

    69. Official ZZ17

      Jev starts telling story Also Jev gets sidetracked shooting at people and forgets to finish the story

    70. Alaankid

      I’m a sniper but I will say snipers are a bit dominant in warzone I dunno about buffing Cold War snipers cause everyone runs a sniper with a gun usually

    71. Peter Collin

      That ending HAHAHAHHAHA

    72. angel

      love u jev

    73. Skullgames98

      I have done the same thing more than 9 times

    74. Ziyad Khan

      Gray Matter bo4 reactive camo

    75. hurrenvisuals

      Jev we miss your story time

    76. Operation Killshot

      Jev pls take a break man you need one man you post daily and we love your vids but you need a break from IRflow

    77. Mrdrippyman -

      Jen you should play games that you wanna play bro

    78. LuXuRy

      Jev I live to watch ur vids

    79. Blaise Orion

      Love your content so much you really raised me to be who I am you may have made me addicted to cod but take a break I’m starting to worry about you

    80. Xmelodic

      I appreciate everything you do for us Jev. I hope you are having a great day

    81. Vanno

      Hey Jeff. I have a suggestion for your videos, if you could if you ever use a gun that is mostly in the video can you please put the blueprint for it and the description. I watch a lot of your videos and think man I wonder what you are running. I love your videos and hope you get more subscribers :)

    82. Aaron Merritt

      Outbreak is literally amazing idk how you haven't played it yet, compared to the trash pile that is Warzone that mode is the best thing COD has done in a while. Then again I've been a sole zombies fan since WaW. Started on COD 3, played everyone since then, and the zombies experience only gets bigger and better!

    83. DuseyBoiii

      i love u jev

    84. c a s t e d

      can someone help me with this question in my biology class? 7F. Northern elephant seals were hunted to near extinction in the 19th century, which left their population to as few as 20 total individuals. Their population has rebounded to 30,000. How did this bottleneck event, most likely, have affected this population?

      1. c a s t e d

        It will increase the number of alleles for specific traits It will accelerate the appearance of new traits Northern elephant seals have much reduced genetic variation It will promote the survival of Northern elephant seals with beneficial traits ^ Answer choices

    85. ThatOneGuy

      Jev we want you to cook again

    86. Neutron

      I appreciate u

    87. chris braun

      You’re my childhood, I just hope you know you’ve helped a lot of people

    88. Alternative Title Man for Charlie Second Account

      I love the vids jev

    89. Blablah Blablah

      So has he actually made a video on gray matter before? I’m curious now lol

    90. herewego

      Dude at the end got stunned in real life 🤣🤣

    91. Marcus ives

      Only faze member I fuck wit 💯

    92. Phoenix Rose


    93. Keith Mire

      Rip pink headset. U will be missed. 1 like, equals one f in the chat for pink headset

    94. Jayden

      Jev i haven’t been watching as much because call of duty isn’t Intresting nor fun to me but I appreciate u man

    95. Petrosilius Zwackelmann

      Haven’t watched you since 2014, your channel is doing great!

    96. Evos Nheos

      Omg I remember you but why don't you look happy now 🥺

    97. Luis Guillen

      Jev is god-tier

    98. Noah Salitsky

      We love u jev

    99. Grumpyz

      I love hecho so much his reactions are the best

    100. TurtleStew_

      2:33 what???