I tried to play the NEW VERDANSK 84' but the servers said NO

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    1. Lol Magic_Man420 Lol

      The numbers mason

    2. The Chalupa

      The numbers mason

    3. manditheos

      When something is free, you are the product

    4. dark angel

      So its still verdansk i was hoping for something completely new

    5. Hector Avila

      I feel like fave Jeeves it’s retrarted with storylines

    6. jack cooper

      hey new vid

    7. Austin Martin

      They make way to much money to give us a reskinned map.

    8. Frooostbyte

      The reason it got rewinded is because the Cold War story takes place in 1984, and stitch took Adler to verdansk under captivity (IN 1984)!!!

      1. Cdj Thg

        Then y they add price to 1984

    9. nut

      the only faze member that i like no joke

    10. Faster Hard House

      1:20 LW3 Pellington?

    11. Hallowlnside

      Numbers from bo1???

      1. Hallowlnside

        No one remember?

    12. Zillo

      The title has some errors I believe its meant to say "I tried to spectate the NEW VERDANSK 84' but the servers said NO

    13. Le'ona Perry

      The bo1 zombies music too lol thats cute

    14. Le'ona Perry


    15. XDZAXIS

      When i went to try and get into the game for the event i had to wait 3 and a half hours before i got let in, just to lag.

    16. Patrik Rychtárech

      After the nuke they probably just didn't want us to play in a fucking crater

    17. shane williams

      Mason what do the numbers mean

    18. Luke Rospert

      Zombies music throughout the entirety of the Cutscene

    19. Deathwarrior

      Thats zombies music tho is fire 🔥

    20. IzzyIsBusy

      As far as the rewind didn’t they say the boat that crashed onto verdansk was lost in the 80s

    21. dudeathischair22

      They got rid of the trees in downtown? Have you not seen the new map? Its basically a plantation. Treezone..

    22. Cat wait I’m not a cat

      I’m a big fan dude

    23. Teia K

      And they didn't nerf roze skin

    24. Surxey

      I thought Jev was playing with nick🥲 that would be awesome

    25. kae eee

      I love his curls

    26. Juicee Pickle

      Company is a joke

    27. Dominick Gallo

      Saying "throwing money at something doesn't fix the problem" is the biggest fucking lie ever told

    28. ZYNKZ1

      U had to close the game 😂

    29. Frosty Films

      Yupp that settles is, cod is dying next year. When ww2 becomes the next failure people are going to find something else. Activision is running this company into the ground.

    30. Joshua Valdivia

      "The numbers M(J)ason, what do they mean! What are these numbers and what do they mean?"

    31. Jarvis Banana

      5:24 SPIDER MAN

    32. Octavio Santecchia

      The red numbers and door have strong BO1 zombies vibe

    33. MR 115

      The "one" is doing some really hot stuff there. The "one" is somone that got mentioned in the intels. He is a mix with the shadow man and Doctor monty . (Characters in the zombies story)

    34. Tom H

      During that whole video it plays the zombies theme, so I think it has to do with zombies. The numbers with the red door could be referring to bo1 where they ask ur character ab the numbers a lot. Bo1 also has to do with the nova 6 gas which I think started the zombies or something like that

    35. Uh0oh

      still waiting for "its been jev guys, later."

    36. Rebecca Fisher

      I waited for 1hr and 20 minutes 💀

    37. Slaya806

      Bro it’s not that complicated, it’s a flashback, why do people say it’s time travel

    38. Luca Sime

      I was kicked in a game and it said Dev error

    39. Cory C

      That’s what happens when you have a game that tries to put campaign, local, multiplayer, warzone and other shit into one big GB thief

    40. Ihate School

      Jev go for dark aether

    41. Ihate School

      Jev go for dark aether

    42. Ihate School

      Jev go for dark aether

    43. Ihate School

      Jev go for dark aether

    44. Ihate School

      Jev go for dark aether

    45. 999 Trillix

      The numbers Mason what do they mean

    46. The Penetrator

      4:40 jev trynna be smart 🤓

    47. Dudeuede Complete

      The numbers are from the campaign

    48. Wil Libby

      Usman or Masvidal, I need these picks Jev

    49. Cole

      Wait Jev did u play the campaign?

    50. Guapuccino

      Challenge Accepted : 1v1 me Jev

    51. Morten Haug Bårdsen

      Play the new resident evil game!!!!

    52. Hampter

      935 lol

    53. Makeawu

      I think the whole thing is a memory and someone is trying to get info from someone on something

    54. Cale Corrigan

      Does he know what a shower is

    55. Leo Flores

      I love how people are just overthinking it We just goin back to what happen in 1984

    56. Ben D

      Jev Take a day off man Don’t work on a video Don’t post a video Don’t even play these infuriating games Just take a day to enjoy

    57. jordan skarzynski

      So everyone is complaining about a free to play BR story? CoD has shitty campaigns and people are complaining about going back in time. I love watching Jev but I can never play this game

    58. Juvenal Nieto

      Mac 10 still shreds

    59. optei on osu!

      please bring back challenge accepted

    60. NoahThaGod

      Go get the quickbolt

    61. Daurak

      I feel like they are nerfing all MW weapons abs buffing only Cold War. I wonder why.... >:(

    62. Daurak

      Am I the first one to notice blood trail on the ground at hospital? Maybe they are just explaining the beginning of the zombie infestation. Failed experiment to save life?

    63. Daurak

      “Descriptive audio mode activated, for the Destruction of Verdansk”

    64. ghost

      So I'm going off of what I think is going on. So, I believe we're going back in time to fit the story more with Cold War ever since the merge. So what I believe is going on, at least with the story with Hunt For Adler and whatnot is we are going back to when these events occurred, Adler getting kidnapped, Stitch and whatnot. So I believe that technically, all of the things that is happening now with the story has already happened, in '84 and in 2021. The nuke still went off but they're just shifting gears for a bit to complete the story for CW's side since the timelines merging was pretty off. If that makes any sense. lol

    65. Daurak

      The one person that deserved to be there for the new map. Just sad

    66. Trevor Voigt

      “The numbers mason, what do they mean. MASON!!” Bo1 respect the numbers

    67. MKK

      Day 34 of asking Jev to finish his minecraft series

    68. Dane Balazs

      War zone has ruined call of duty

    69. Grated Radish

      Beta male in the background...

    70. GSP

      Honestly it would’ve been pretty cool to make the super tall building in downtown under construction or something.

    71. 4D

      The red door is what led to Perseus in the Cold War campaign, this door was shown multiple times until you "Bell" Remembered what was behind it. Adler tortured bell basically to see what was behind it. And the numbers... well if you've been playing COD as long as you have I imagine you would know that connects to the mind control Mason went through back in the 60s.

    72. Balliistic

      Jev really should just play warzone with Jack harlow cause they look the same

    73. Tony Ramirez

      I spent $100 on COD points and still have yet to see them. If it makes you feel any better.

    74. Mrjawsbo

      its funny how you just could have restarted it and you would came in directly

    75. MrVaiza Gaming

      i wanna see jev play tarkov wonder how mad he would get

    76. Vari3tee _

      Would be so sick to see jev play the new resident evil game when it’s released. His other play throughs made me laugh so much 😂 keep up the great work jev.

    77. xd Breezey

      Challenge excepted request: play subnautica pls

    78. Lovestruck Detective

      A mess

    79. Sen Toasty

      What video editing software do you use jev ? I’ve been looking for the longest time, but am still clueless as to which one to get

    80. justin peebles

      Day 24 of trying to tell jev you can only pull your shoot three times in warzone and that’s all you get, that’s why he keeps dying.

    81. Brian-_-

      The numbers mason. WHAT DO THEY MEAN. Sorry I just had to say it

    82. Thomas Bodry

      I love you Jev Been watching since the big homie put me on your shit In grade ten I’m 21 now still watching

    83. yep I'm a bigboy 69

      damn, this video was full of up dog

    84. FierceLegend72

      5:25 isnt is stranger things music and looks similar? Could mean like a cross over and instead of zombies roaming its a demogorgon

    85. allen osip

      Marty to Doc: 3:53

    86. Jack Okeefe

      Jev play the village demo !!!

    87. ctrs

      Jev i just restarted my game when i was in any type of queue

    88. Meep

      He must have hated it idk

    89. Yusuf Coovadia

      Jev plz play with nickmercks

    90. NoisyFalcon

      Challenge Accepted: try playing with mouse and keyboard

    91. manny fresh

      Who else had a bad day 😔

    92. Mindcr Gaming

      I think I know why we went back but I’m not 100% sure didn’t the boat that came wi try the zombies come from the 1980s? If not I have no clue

    93. emo angel sinner

      Oh wow.

    94. Reese Clark

      I hate that there are bolt action sniper in a marksman category and marksman rifles in the sniper catagory, if its bolt action its a sniper, if its semi auto its a marksman rifle, thats why there called DMR designated MARKSMAN rifle

    95. Colton Dozier

      Same thing to me 😑

    96. Brian Nicely

      Jev what is your fav anime

    97. Brian Nicely

      Jev what is your favorite anime

    98. Brian Nicely

      What is your favorite anime

    99. Brian Nicely

      Jev what is your favorite anime what do u recommend watching for first time??

      1. l ol

        attack on titan , demon slayer , jujutsu kaisen(all of these anime have under 100 episodes) naruto is a over 100 anime but totally recommend

    100. Brian Nicely